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Obidos – a day trip to the fairy-tale town in Portugal

Planning a trip to Obidos? You came to the right place, as I have lived in Portugal for the past few years and got to explore the incredible medieval town of Obidos in Portugal.

Obidos is one of the most visited towns on a day trip from Lisbon. The easiest way to explore this fascinating walled city is on a private tour. If you have no time to read and just want to visit Obidos as soon as possible, I went on this amazing Private Óbidos Sightseeing Tour, and it was absolutely incredible, so you won’t go wrong by booking it.

The best sightseeing tour to Obidos from lisbon

Discover the vibrant local culture of the western coastal region of Portugal with a guided tour of Óbidos, tasting delicious traditional snacks, stopping at the Bacalhôa Buddha Eden, and more.

The best tours of obidos Portugal

1. Private Óbidos Sightseeing Tour

Immerse yourself in the local culture of Óbidos with a tour of the UNESCO heritage town. Explore the walled city, visit Santa Cruz, the unique Bacalhôa Buddha Eden, and taste the traditional local liquor, Ginjinha. Explore Torres Vedras, known for its history of Napoleonic invasions, traditional Portuguese windmills, vineyards, mountains, and bean pastry.

Taste the traditional delicacy and, after lunch, head to the coastal village of Santa Cruz, where you can relax, restore your energy, and enjoy nature. To end the tour, see the historical local windmill where people still make homemade bread, learn how it works, and taste some authentic freshly baked bread before returning to Lisbon.

Check availability and book this 5 star day tour today.

2. Óbidos: Medieval Tales and Secrets Spots Walking Tour

Meet your friendly guide at the entrance to the walled city. Start at the main gate and go down the narrow streets of the Moorish and Jewish neighbourhoods. Stroll through the medieval village of Óbidos and taste the delicious Portuguese cherry Ginja.

This 2-hour tour will take you through the most important sites, including the Saint Mary Church and the Moorish castle.

Check availability and book this fascinating walking tour today.

3. Óbidos, Fátima and Nazaré: Small Group Tour From Lisbon

Discover 3 different landscapes on this full-day tour from Lisbon to Fátima, Nazaré, and Óbidos. This 5-star rated 9 hours day trip is limited to 8 participants. Travel to the extraordinary town of Fátima, and visit one of the major shrines of the Catholic faith. Later continue the trip to the fishing port of Nazaré for panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Nazare became most famous for its monster waves.

Finally, tour the picturesque town of Óbidos. Explore the medieval old city, with cobblestone streets and flower-bedecked houses.

Check availability and explore Óbidos, Fátima and Nazaré today.

town walls of medieval town in Portugal

10 Best things to see in Obidos

1. Explore Obidos village

There is no better way to see this magnificent place than on foot. Walk the narrow alleys covered with colourful flowers, passing by charming whitewashed houses that seem to have leapt from a fairytale. Enclosed by well-preserved medieval walls, this quaint village will transport you back in time. Spend an afternoon exploring local handicraft shops, sipping on delicious ginjinha (cherry liqueur), and enjoying this beautiful place’s warm and relaxed ambience.

2. Walk around Obidos castle

The medieval Obidos castle and the historic centre are the city’s main attraction and can be easily visited on foot. The ancient Moorish Castle dates all the way back to the 8th century. Perched on a hilltop, this well-preserved castle offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the village below. You can stay in the magnificent medieval castle as it has been transformed into a luxury accommodation. Otherwise, the only areas you can visit are the Garden/Terrace, Belvedere, located in front of the “Pousada” entrance, the Walls, and the “Cerca” courtyard behind the Castle. Access to the above areas at the Obidos castle is free.

3. Enjoy the day at Feira do chocolate obidos – festival chocolate Obidos

For all chocolate lovers, visiting Óbidos during the Chocolate Festival is a treat you shouldn’t miss! This annual event, typically held in the spring, turns the village into a chocolate paradise. Local and international chocolatiers gather to showcase their mouthwatering creations, from truffles to sculptures made entirely of chocolate. The international chocolate festival is a truly delightful experience for the whole family.

4. Check out Mercado Biológico de Obidos Bookshop

For book lovers and history buffs, the Mercado Biológico and its bookshop is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Housed within a converted church, this bookstore showcases an eclectic collection of books spanning various genres and eras. The carefully curated books coexist harmoniously with religious artefacts, creating a cultural and literary ambience. Lose yourself in a book’s pages and soak in this fascinating place’s unique atmosphere. The shop also operates as a bustling organic market where you can get the freshest local produce.

5. Visit the Saint Mary’s Church

If you wonder what to see in the medieval town, visit Ovidos Churches and Chapels. Here you will find several churches and chapels, and Siant Mary’s church made the biggest impression on me. This church dates back to the 12th century and is a beautiful testament to the country’s rich spiritual past. Its elegant facade and intricately adorned interior will leave you in awe. Porta da Vila, Senhor Jesus da Pedra and the Igreja de Sao Tiago are also a must-see in Obidos.

6. find the são martinho chapel

Standing directly across from St. Peter’s Church, you will find são Martinho Chapel, a small Gothic chapel built in 1331. Inside you can find medieval tombs. The chapel is the only medieval building that survived, as all others were entirely or partly destroyed in earthquakes over time.

7. Visit Óbidos Municipal Museum

Located near Igreja de Santa Maria on Rua Direita, the Municipal Museum hosts a collection of important art pieces. Here you will find the work of a local painter, Josefa de Óbidos, one of Portugal’s most prolific Baroque artists. Besides the artwork, you will also find here historical pieces, such as Roman artefacts and weapons from the Napoleonic Wars.

8. Explore the Charming Shops of Rua Direita in Obidos

When strolling through this enchanting village, I found myself captivated by the medieval charm of Rua Direita. This picturesque main street, lined with quaint houses and cobblestones, is a delight for the eyes and a haven for shoppers. It is filled with boutique and artisanal shops, offering an unforgettable shopping experience that complements the town’s historical allure.

If you are planning a day trip to Obidos, take your time, as Rua Direita is a true shopper’s paradise. From artisanal hand-painted ceramics, delicate lacework, unique bookstores, and wine cellars to local cheese and chocolate delicacies. Shopping Obidos is a must!

9. Try Obidos’s Famous Cherry Liqueur

Ginjinha (also known as Ginja) is a traditional Portuguese liqueur with its roots deeply intertwined with the enchanting town of Obidos. This sweet and flavorful cherry liqueur is made from sour cherries, known as “ginjas” in Portuguese, which grow abundantly in the region surrounding Obidos. Wandering through the narrow streets of Obidos, you can easily spot little shops and stalls where locals and visitors can indulge in a shot of Ginjinha served in small chocolate cups. Ginjinha has become an integral part of its cultural identity, and there is no better way to end your trip to Obidos than with a glass of Ginja.

10. Enjoy feira medieval de obidos – Obidos medieval festival

If you have a penchant for history and love to immerse yourself in the past, plan your visit during the Obiods Medieval Fair. Held during the summer months, this lively festival takes the town back to its medieval roots. Costumed performers, jousting tournaments, traditional crafts, and vibrant entertainment fill the streets, creating an atmosphere that feels straight out of the Middle Ages.

Obidos Guide fAQ

Where is Obidos Portugal?

Obidos is located just one hour north of Lisbon and just over 2 hours south of Porto near the coast. You can see the below Obidos Portugal map to see where exactly Obidos is in central Portugal.

where is Obidos portugal - map

How much time do you need in Obidos Portugal?

If you are wondering how much time to spend in Obidos – you can easily explore Obidos UNESCO town in 3-4 hours. The easiest and fastest way to see Obidos is on foot, which can be easily done in three hours. Spend 3-4 hours in Obidos, and you get to tick off everything to do. An overnight stay is recommended if you prefer to take in the medieval village after the crowds are gone.

How to get from Lisbon to Obidos by car

The easiest way to get from Lisbon to Obidos is by car. Getting to Obidos from Lisbon via the A8 motorway takes just over one hour. I recommend parking the car just outside the town walls. The easiest way to park in Obidos is by the tourist information office and aqueduct. If you don’t have your own Portugal car rental, then you can easily get here by Taxi, Uber or Bolt, and the cost should be well under €100 one way. See below Obidos parking map for reference.

Parking in Obidos Portugal map

How to get from Lisbon to Obidos by bus

The bus from Lisbon to Obidos takes just over 60 minutes, and the Rodotejo bus company operates it. You will have to take a metro or taxi to the Campo Grande bus terminal and, from there, hop on the bus to Obidos. Keep in mind that the bus station has no actual building and has several bus stands surrounding the metro station. This makes the stand challenging to find, so allow extra time.

How to get from Lisbon to Obidos by Train

The train to Obidos from Lisbon leaves from the Santa Apolónia station and takes just under 2 hours to get to Obiods station. You can purchase a one-way train ticket to Obidos for just under €10.

Is it worth going to Obidos?

Obidos is one of the best towns to visit in Portugal on a day trip. Obidos is a captivating destination that caters to all travellers with its fairytale charm and rich history. Just a short distance from Lisbon, it’s a destination that’s easy to reach but feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Whether you’re exploring the village, savouring books in a unique bookstore, or witnessing the grandeur of its religious landmarks, Óbidos promises an unforgettable journey into the past.

Is Obidos a day trip from Lisbon?

Obidos is one of the most popular places to visit on a day trip from Lisbon. This historic walled old town can be easily explored on a guided tour from Lisbon. The best way to see Obidos is on a day tour to Obidos from Lisbon. If you are planning to visit Obidos on the way to Porto, then I highly recommend booking a walking tour of Obiods in advance.

What is special about Obidos Portugal?

Óbidos is considered to be one of the most beautiful Medieval towns in Europe. A visit to Obidos feels like stepping back in time. The impressive medieval walls, the castle and the historic centre of Obidos are the city’s main attractions and can be easily visited on foot. The narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed buildings lead to beautiful squares, cosy cafes, quaint shops, and local craft markets. The town of Obidos is truly the most magnificent medieval city to visit in Portugal.

Obidos History

Obidos, Portugal, boasts a history that spans over centuries, with its origins dating back to Roman times. However, during the 13th century, the town gained significant historical significance when King Dinis gifted it to Queen Isabel as a wedding present. This royal connection led to Óbidos becoming a place of strategic importance, protected by its imposing castle walls.

Throughout its history, Óbidos has experienced influences from various cultures, including the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Christians. Its diverse past is reflected in the town’s architecture, traditions, and cultural heritage.

The name Óbidos probably derives from the Latin term oppidum, which means “citadel” or “fortified city”. 

Over the years, Óbidos witnessed periods of prosperity and periods of decline. Nevertheless, the town managed to preserve its medieval charm, and today, it stands as a living testament to its rich historical legacy. The narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and ancient churches provide a captivating glimpse into the past, making Óbidos a beloved destination for history enthusiasts and travellers alike.

Best Hotels in Obidos Portugal

Pousada Castelo de Obidos – This castle is one of the most impressive and romantic sites you can visit. At the Pousada Castelo Óbidos, you can choose to stay in the castle and have an authentic medieval experience or stay in the Casa do Castelo (located right next to the castle), where you will have an experience closer to that of living in town. Pousada Castelo is a truly unique Obidos hotel.

Royal Obidos – Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort is located near a range of fantastic beaches and villages that offer unforgettable holidays. This fantastic 5-star resort is perfect for relaxing and exploring the nearby medieval village of Obidos.

Casa Senhoras Rainhas – In a privileged position as one of only a few hotels located within the walled town, this boutique hotel is an ideal place to stay to explore picturesque Obidos with its famous castle, cobbled streets and white-washed houses. It is an excellent alternative to the Pousada of Obidos.

Restaurants in Obidos

Jamon Jamon – the best tapas in the area. If you are looking for a real highlight of the trip, then look no further. Jamon Jamon Obidos has the most delicious tapas, perfect for sharing. The menu caters for all, whether you fancy pork cheeks, octopus, cod fish or a salad.

A Nova Casa de Ramiro – This is the place if you are looking for the best risotto ever with perfectly cooked shrimp and scallops. Whether you are a meat, seafood lover or vegetarian, the restaurant caters for all. The menu’s highlight for me was the risotto, tuna and duck. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by eating here.

Tasca Torta – Tasca Torta is a small and cosy restaurant in the heart of Obidos town. Here you can taste delicious octopus salad, savour on a velvet chocolate cake or enjoy a glass of wine. This beautiful spot has some of the best Portuguese wines on the menu you have to try.

Restaurante O Caldeirão – Popular restaurant in the charming medieval city of Obidos located a few meters from the Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra. The menu features traditional Portuguese cuisine, including meat and fish cooked to perfection. The steak Portuguese style is particularly delicious!

Bar Ibn Errik Rex – Beautiful old traditional bar where you can try a wide selection of craft beers, wines, and spirits. Ginja, the local cherry liquor, can be enjoyed here too, whether you want a small glass or indulge in a Ginja tasting board. In addition to drinks, I highly recommend trying the traditional Portuguese flaming sausage here.

Final thoughts on visiting the medieval town of Obidos

I have been to Portugal Obidos a few times and explored this magnificent place on my own and with a tour guide. From personal experience, I must admit that there is no better way to learn about the UNESCO creative city than form a dedicated guide. I went on this fantastic walking tour of Obidos and can’t recommend it enough.

The guide was extremely knowledgeable and answered every question I had, and I learned about the fascinating story of this walled city. If you plan to visit Obidos on a tour from Lisbon or see it on your own, I highly recommend getting a guide to show you around. It takes the whole experience of exploring one of the best-preserved walled cities in Portugal to a whole new level making it an unforgettable day trip.

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