Berlengas – A Perfect Day Trip To Berlenga Island

Planning a trip to Berlengas Islands? You came to the right place, as I have lived in Portugal for the past few years and got to explore the incredible Berlenga island.

Belrengas tours are becoming very popular and are by far the best way to get to the Archipelago. If you have no time to read and just want to visit the Berlenga islands as soon as possible, I went on this tour of Berlenga Island, and it was absolutely incredible, so you won’t go wrong by booking it.

Best Berlenga Tour

Discover the fascinating Berlenga Island and its cultural and historical importance. Explore the island and its magnificent fort.

The Best Berlenga Tours

1. Berlengas Island Trip, Hiking and Cave Tour

Enjoy a roundtrip to the Berlengas archipelago on a glass-bottom boat. See the beautiful views of the Berlengas and its caves and enjoy time at the beach. Here you get to learn about Berlenga’s cultural and historical significance while admiring the unique landscape. This fantastic Berlenga tour departs twice daily, so you can choose whether to spend the morning or the afternoon on the island.

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2. Peniche Berlengas Ferry – Rournd Trip To The Island

Take the Berlengas Ferry trip on a catamaran.  Depart from the harbour of Peniche and enjoy a 30-minute boat ride along the turquoise sea waters. Arrive at the Berlengas harbour, from where you can explore the Archipelago freely.

Explore the natural landscape, scenic views, and crystal-clear waters teeming with sea life. Walk across the bridge to the magnificent São João Baptista Fort, built in the 17th century by monks and then used as a military fortress to defend the coast. 

After you get tired, have a snack at a local restaurant or enjoy a swim in crystal blue waters.

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Peniche Berlengas Ferry -Takes about 30 minutes to get to the island from Peniche via ferry

3. Explore Berlengas Islands From Lisbon

Embark on a tour of Berlenga Grande, the largest island in this Portuguese Archipelago. Journey along its trails with a guide, visit some of the caves by boat and go to the Fort of S. João Baptista.

Your unforgettable day starts with a pickup by a friendly guide from your hotel in Lisbon.

See the ever-changing landscape and travel to Berlenga Grande on a comfortable boat to explore some trails with an expert guide before heading to dramatic sea caves by boat. Next, go to the Fort of S. João Baptista, which defended the seafarers of this Archipelago for centuries.

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4. Berlengas tour from Lisbon

Explore Berlengas Islands on a day trip from Lisbon. Meet your guide in Lisbon and start your day at the fishing village of Peniche, where you’ll find a boat waiting to take your group to Berlenga Island.

Once you reach Berlengas, board a smaller boat and see the magnificent St. John the Baptist Fort. Hear stories about the brave soldiers who defended its walls during the attack by the Spanish fleet. Take a walk back to the port along the paths of the nature reserve, admiring the fantastic views of this UNESCO Biosphere Heritage Site.

Grab a kayak and explore the coastline at your own pace or join the rest of your group on a glass-bottom boat tour of the caves.

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Berlengas tour from Lisbon - Visit the Berlenga Island and the famous fort on a day trip from Lisbon

Berlengas FAQ

Berlengas Portugal, how to get here?

Berlenga Islands are located off the coast of Peniche, and the only way to get to Berlenga Archipelago is by boat from Peniche harbour. The boat for Berlenga leaves a few times a day, and you can spend up to 4 hours on the island.

Berlengas nature reserve ferry

The Berlengas ferry leaves twice daily at 10 am and again at 2 pm. Make sure to book your time in advance as a limited number of people are allowed on the island in a day.

How long is the boat ride to Berlengas?

The boat to Berlenga Island takes just under 30 minutes from the fishing harbour of Peniche. You can take a ferry to Berlenga and explore it at your own pace or opt for one of Berlenga tours and learn about this incredible UNESCO island.

Berlengas tickets

Berlengas tickets can be purchased online and should be purchased in advance as there is a limit on the number of visitors on the island. You can book a Berlengas tour or ferry to the Berlenga Archipelago.

Can you stay on Berlengas?

You can stay on the Berlengas at the São João Baptista Fort, Mar e Sol Pavilion Hotel or camp overnight on the island. I highly recommend booking accommodation in Peniche well in advance.

The São João Baptista Fort holds a capacity for up to 50 people. When staying here, make sure to bring everything you might need for the night, including bedding, as the facilities are very limited.

Pavilhão Mar e Sol Hotel is the most comfortable sleeping option on the island. It also has a restaurant – the only one in the Archipelago.

Dormir en el Parque de Campismo das Berlengas camping area allows you to sleep near nature. They hold a capacity for up to 40 tents, which must be arranged in advance with Peniche City Hall or by the tourist office.

Can you swim in Berlengas? There is one beach on Berlenga perfect for swimming - Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro.

Can you swim in Berlengas?

There is one beach on Berlengas perfect for swimming – Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro. The water is crystal clear, and it is a perfect place for swimming, snorkelling or diving. There is abundant sea life in the water off the coast of Berlenga Island, making the area diving heaven.

How do you get from Lisbon to Berlenga Island?

It takes approximately 1 hr 30 minutes to get from Lisbon to Peniche. The best way to get to Berlenga Island from Lisbon is on a tour. I travelled to Peniche from Lisbon and visited Berlenga Islands twice, first by public transport and the second time with a tour guide. I must say that the tour was the best decision I have ever made. The whole experience was next level. Without stressing about missing buses and a ferry, I got to enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the area’s rich history.

What to bring on Berlengas boat trip?

When visiting Berlenga Islands, make sure to bring water and some food. There is only one seasonal restaurant on the island. It is best to bring some sandwiches and enough water to enjoy the time on the island. Comfortable walking shoes are necessary, as the gravel pathways can be pretty steep. Do not forget sun cream, a hat and a towel.

Is Peniche worth visiting?

Peniche is one of the most authentic places to visit in Portugal. This charming fishing village, surrounded by pristine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, attracts many visitors to its nearby Berlenga Archipelago. You can easily spend three days in Peniche exploring the town, taking a trip to Berlenga Islands, and learning surfing.

Berlengas - A complete guide to Berlenga Island and where to stay when visiting the island from Peniche

Where to stay in Peniche to visit Berlengas?

Peniche has many accommodation options ranging from higher-end hotels to budget accommodation. I always find the best deals on Booking.com when staying in Peniche.

Here are my favourite places to stay in Peniche

MH Peniche – The MH is one of the nicest Peniche hotels. This modern 4-star hotel, located within walking distance of Peniche town, has close access to a long sandy beach. It is a perfect place to spend a few nights in Peniche and explore the Berlenga islands from here. It features a top-floor restaurant with beautiful views of the coast.

Casa Berlengas a Vista – This is a perfect place for anyone looking for a quiet accommodation with beautiful sea views. You can see the Berlenga Islands from your bedroom window on a clear day. This simple yet comfortable accommodation in Peniche is a perfect place if you want to be in the town centre.

Pillows Peniche B&B – Offers guests large rooms, buffet breakfast, garden, shared lounge, terrace, and free WiFi. It is a perfect place for a family stay or a surf holiday. Located within walking distance from the harbour, it is an ideal place to stay when exploring the Berlengas.

Supertubos Beach Hostel – Situated right in front of Supertubos Beach, this Peniche hostel is located in one of the leading surf spots in Portugal. It is a great budget option for everyone staying in Peniche, not only surfers. If you are on a budget and still want to experience Peniche and visit the Berlenga Archipelago, this is the perfect place to stay. Rated 9.2/10 on Booking.com, you know you are staying in a quality place.

The Archipelago can be visited May to October and it is a important Nature Reserve and diving heaven.

Important things to know about the Berlengas

Berlengas Archipelago, located 10 km off the coast of Peniche, consists of the island of Berlenga and the islets of Estelas and Farilhões-Forcadas. The Archipelago is part of the Berlengas Natural Reserve, a protected area created in 1981 and a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Heritage Site since 2011. The Berlengas is a fantastic site to explore by bird lovers as they are home to the only colonies of pelagic seabirds off mainland Portugal and five species of seabirds breed here.

Visit the most important attractions on the Berlenga island including the São João Baptista Fort

Nature enthusiasts will find species of plants that occur exclusively in this Archipelago: Berlengas Arméria, Berlengas Pulicaria and Berlengas Hernia. The surrounding marine environment is also home to an extremely rich underwater ecosystem, making it a diving heaven. The surrounding waters are full of biodiversity and an abundance of numerous species of fish. The natural beauty of the island of Berlenga attracts visitors to scenic sites such as Furado Grande cave and the Cova do Sono.

The arc of the Elephant’s Trunk. , the Quebrada Valley, the Carreiro dos Cações and the Maldita cliff are also truly spectacular to see. The Berlengs is the only island in the Archipelago with inhabitants throughout the year, and visitors can access the island between May and October. Berlenga is also home to the famous São João Baptista fort, built in the 17th century to serve as a military defence site.

Things to do and see on Berlengas

São João Baptista fort

Once you rich the island, navigating around it and exploring it at your own pace is very easy. Several pathways lead you to various sites where you can learn more about the place from information signs. I started my day by heading straight to the São João Baptista fort. The trail markings are very clear, so it is straightforward to navigate around the island.

Duque de Bragança Lighthouse

The Berlenga Island Lighthouse, located at the highest point of the Archipelago, is one of the oldest lighthouses in Portugal. Initially built in 1758, it was further rebuilt in 1836 to the state it is today. Towards the late 1980s, the lighthouse was automated, and for the past 20+ years, works solely on solar energy.

Berlenga is known for geological formations including caves.

Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro Beach

Also known as Praia da Berlenga Grande beach, it is probably one of the most striking beaches I have visited. The second the boat reaches the island, you can see this beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and fine golden sand.

Berlengas caves

The island is full of beautiful geological formations like the Berlenga caves. You can only visit the caves and other intriguing formations like the Elephant’s Trunk from the water. You will have the option to explore the coast on a Berlenga tour.

Visitor Centre

Located very close to the boat docking port, features a small but well-curated exhibition about Berlengas’ ecosystem. Created in 2015 to educate visitors about the need to preserve and protect this fragile environment. You can reach the visitor centre following the pathway once you leave the boat.

Final thoughts on visiting the Berlengas

I have been to the Berlenga Archipelago a few times and explored this magnificent island on my own and with a tour guide. From personal experience, I must admit that there is no better way to learn about the island than form a dedicated guide. I went on a fantastic tour with Feeling Berlengas and can’t recommend it enough.

The guide was highly knowledgeable, and I got to explore the island at my own pace and see the fantastic landscape from the water. If you plan on visiting Berlengas, make sure to book your spot in advance, as the island is gaining in popularity at a staggering speed. Berlengas and Peniche are totally worth visiting, even if you are planning just a day trip here.